ENGG1000 Engineering Design and Innovation

Electronic Components
for Projects in the School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications

Component Request Form

π       Download form

-   Get this form signed by a lab demonstrator (they will want to see a circuit diagram first!) and take it to the EE&T Electronics Workshop, located in room EE-G15.

-   Only small number of low-value components will be given out. Otherwise groups should buy components from the workshop or elsewhere.

Component Price List

π       For components sold at the EE&T Electronics Workshop, located in room EE-G15.


·      Electronics retailers: Jaycar Electronics, Altronics, Farnell, Oatley Electronics, Dick Smith Electronics

·      Information on low-cost, microprocessor platforms/kits that are easy to get started with: NerdKits, Arduino, PICkit, PICs in general (note: everything used in final design tested counts towards budget; development tools do not count towards the budget). A very detailed guide to using microprocessors for the complete beginner – coming soon.

Selected Datasheets

π       Analog-IC’s (available from the School of EE&T’s Electronics Workshop)

-   7805 – 5V voltage regulator

-   DG441 or DG442 – quad bi-lateral analog switch, with digital control

-   LM324 – quad operational amplifier (single supply operation)

-   LM348 – quad operational amplifier (essentially 4x LM741)

-   LM555 – timer, delay chip

-   LM741 – simple operational amplifier

π       Audio Devices

-   64 ohm speaker – included in “Dalek Enemy Target”

-   electret-microphone – two supplied to each project team (more from Jaycar)

π       Digital-IC’s (available from the School of EE&T’s Electronics Workshop)

-   74LS00 – quad 2-input NAND gate

-   74LS74 – dual D-type flip-flop

-   74LS86 – quad 2-input exclusive OR gate

-   74LS123 – dual one-shot multi-vibrator (for introducing controlled delays)

-   74LS138 – 3 line to 8 line decoder/demultiplexor

-   74LS151 – 8 line to 1 line multiplexor

-   74LS161 or 74LS163 – 4-bit synchronous counter

-   74LS244 – octal line driver/buffer, with input hysteresis

π       Optical Devices

-   5mm LED – available from the School of EE&T’s Electronics Workshop

-   IR-LED – infrared LED used in “Dalek Enemy Target”

-   IR-Phototransistor – supplied to each project team

π       Transistors (available from the School of EE&T’s Electronics Workshop)

-   BC549 – small signal NPN bipolar junction transistor

-   BC559 – small signal PNP bipolar junction transistor

-   BD139 – medium power NPN bipolar junction transistor

-   BD140 – medium power PNP bipolar junction transistor

π       Others: see for example Electronic Datasheets


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Last Updated: 5 March 2012
Dr Julien Epps